Erection Coach for Natural Erectile Dysfunction Remedy

Erection Coach for Natural Erectile Dysfunction Remedy


Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition affecting about 30 million men in the USA. This condition affects your ability to experience sexual stimulation, and achieve and maintain a firm enough erection for satisfying sexual intercourse.


Erectile dysfunction happens as a result of limited blood flow into the penis. It can affect your mental health and your partner's. You begin to feel depressed, angry, and anxious. This also affects your self-confidence, which can lead to social isolation and depression.


The good news is you can reverse erectile dysfunction with the help of an erection coach like Shari James RN. Let's dive deeper into this condition and available treatment options.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Men's sexual arousal requires coordination of the brain, hormones, nerves, blood vessels, and emotions. Any issue that affects these factors can cause erectile dysfunction. When you feel aroused, the body supplies blood to the penis's soft tissues. They fill up and become stiff.


Conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, high blood pressure, and obesity affect blood flow, increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Mental health concerns like stress, anxiety, and depression can worsen the issue. As you age, you might also take longer to achieve an erection.


Other risk factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction include:


  • Medication: Some antidepressants, antihistamines, and high blood pressure medication can affect your hormones, nerves, and blood circulation, increasing the risks of erectile dysfunction.


  • Injuries: Injuries may damage arteries or nerves that control erection.


  • Being overweight: Excess weight damages your blood vessels, and causes high blood pressure and hypertension, which contribute to erectile dysfunction. According to a study,  79% of men with ED have a body mass index of over 25.


  • Long-term drug use: Illicit drugs affects male sexual functions and the users have a higher risk of ED.


Natural Remedies to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


Since there are various causes of erectile dysfunction, there are multiple treatment options. You should discuss your condition with an ED healer, and based on your symptoms, severity, and underlying health conditions, they will advise you on the best possible treatment. Here are some natural treatment methods for this condition.


Eat a Healthy Diet


Eating a balanced diet helps to maintain your sexual function and lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction. Consume less processed and red meat. Eat more fruits, legumes, nuts, fresh vegetables, and white meat.


Antioxidant-rich drinks like pomegranate juice lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, protecting you from ED. Add oysters and shellfish to your diet. They contain high zinc levels that boost testosterone production, essential for sexual health.


Watermelons contain phytonutrients like lycopene, which relaxes blood vessels that support a healthy erection. According to a study, lycopene delivers Viagra-like effects and increases libido.


Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, and beets have high nitrates, which open up the vessels that supply blood to the penis. Tomatoes and pink grapefruit also help with blood circulation.


Eat enough eggs, cheese, and fortified milk to obtain enough vitamin D. Keep in mind that vitamin D deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction.


Work Out Regularly


If your cause of ED is obesity, inactivity, or cardiovascular illnesses, you will benefit from regular exercise. Working out improves blood circulation and increases nitric oxide in blood vessels. This results in improved blood pressure which gives you a firm erection.


Do more aerobic exercises like running, cycling, and rowing. Walking 30 minutes a day can lower your risk of ED by 41% and restore your sexual performance. Working out is also one of the best ways to raise your testosterone levels.


Get Enough Sleep


Sleep deprivation causes increased tension and low energy, which can cause erectile dysfunction. According to a study, men who work night shift have an increased risk of sexual dysfunction. Note that good sleep boosts the production of testosterone which aids in sexual performance. So, set and adhere to a sleep schedule.

Quit Smoking


Smoking causes plaque build-up in the blood vessels, hindering blood circulation to the penis. Also, it lowers nitric oxide levels in the blood, and which are responsible for muscle relaxation. Smoking decreases libido and can cause infertility in extreme cases. Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking to improve your penile function.


Limiting Alcohol Intake


Heavy alcohol consumption makes it hard to get or keep an erection. It depresses the central nervous system, which controls nitric oxide production, an essential chemical for erection.


Alcohol also interferes with brain messengers that send signals to the brain to fill the penis with blood. It results in low testosterone production. So drink alcohol in moderation.


Work on Your Mental Health


Psychological issues like stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy can cause ED. Such problems interfere with the brain's ability to signal the body to get and maintain an erection. Therapy with a trained counselor will help you address these issues and restore sexual function.


With professional guidance, you will face your life stressors, learn how to accept and manage various emotions, and develop better coping mechanisms. Sex therapy may be beneficial for you and your partner so your partner can learn the best ways to support you, with your partner so they can learn the best ways to support you.


Therapy can help change negative attitudes towards sex and open communication lines between you and your partner, which may result in improved sex performance.


Lose Some Weight


Men with larger waist circumference or obesity have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. This happens because excess fat interferes with testosterone production, lowering sex drive.


Excess belly fat damages the blood vessels. It affects your body's ability to produce enough nitric oxide that helps with blood vessel dilation, creating an erection. Losing some pounds will prevent arteries blockage and help maintain normal blood pressure.


If you struggle with weight, adopt a healthier diet, keeps portions in check, consume more fiber, and increase physical activity.


Explore Natural Supplements


People have used natural herbs and supplements to treat erectile dysfunction from ancient times. If you opt to use any non-FDA-approved remedy, ensure that you first consult your doctor. Some popular options include:


  • Ginseng


Korean red ginseng is widely promoted as a natural alternative to ED medication. Its proponents claim that it lowers cholesterol, increases energy levels, and reduces stress. According to a study, 60% of patients who used ginseng recorded improved erection. However, it's good to know that this test used a smaller sample size of about 45 men.


  • Yohimbe


This is Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree extract traditionally used to treat ED. There are claims that the supplement aids in weight loss, promotes testosterone production, and heals erectile dysfunction. Based on a study on men with less severe erectile dysfunction, 50% of Yohimbe users noticed improved penis rigidity.


Still, the scientific evidence supporting yohimbe's efficacy is limited. Note that products containing this herb may cause some adverse side effects like anxiety, increased blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat for some people. A large percentage of these products are mislabeled and contain 23% to 147% of the stated Yohimbe content.


  • Rhodiola Rosea


This is a popular herb, especially in Russia, believed to boost endurance and sexual function. Its promoters claim it eases symptoms of exhaustion which promotes better sexual performance. It also has fewer side effects compared to other natural supplements. According to a study, Rhodiola Rosea users recorded improved ejaculatory control and better sex life.


  • Horny Goat Weed


Leaf extracts from this plant are well-known natural supplements for ED treatment. A few animal studies demonstrate this supplement can inhibit PDE5, the enzyme that controls blood flow into the penis. However, there is no clear evidence that horny goat weed extract helps treat ED.


  • Ginkgo


Ginkgo Biloba is a best selling supplement in the US and Europe that improves blood flow. Promoters of this herb claim the increased blood flow increases sexual desire and counters erectile dysfunction, though there is no concrete evidence it cures ED. Users may experience side effects like diarrhea, convulsions, bleeding, and stomach upset.


Consider Tantric Healing


Tantric healing is a very effective natural erectile dysfunction remedy. The practice may involve a combination of self-practice exercises, massage, and coaching.

You will attend several sessions to discuss your symptoms and concerns with a counselor. During this time, your coach will help replace painful memories with beautiful experiences of what sexuality should be.


You will also receive therapeutic massage to ease physical tension, and relieve stress, emotions, and toxin build-up to achieve a deep state of relaxation. A trained massage expert will apply pressure to some points in your body to increase blood flow and promote a healthy erection. Massage also encourages the flow of vital energy to the genital areas to improve performance.


This treatment also involves using holistic approaches to release blocked sexual energy, enabling you to experience a heightened sense of bliss. The coach will teach you how to eliminate emotional, mental and psychological blockages that affect your sex life. Together with your partner, you will receive tantric education on practices to enhance sexual intimacy at home.


Looking for a Tantric Healer Near You?


For any man struggling with erectile dysfunction, help is within reach. With the proper support, treatment, and a few lifestyle changes, you will reconnect with your sexuality and bring more vitality to your sex life.


Shari James, RN is an experienced ED healer who can help you tap into your natural ability to regain powerful sexual performance.  Shari has spent years assisting men in taking control of their condition and working on full-time recovery. Go to


If you are a man looking to improve sexual performance or overcome issues of erectile dysfunction, let us help you get to the source of the problem and heal what is going on without the need for drugs.


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