Shari James, RN has taken the mystery out of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and developed a new holistic approach to men’s sexual health and performance. The BE FIRM: ED Blueprint (TM) is a drug-free solution to end the struggle with Erectile Dysfunction. This coaching program allows her to freely intuit and collaborate with clients to customize, create and build a blueprint for their peak pleasure and performance.

Borrowing from Shari’s expertise as a registered nurse, practitioner of the five elements of Chinese Medicine, and Mastery of Tantra. The BE FIRM: ED Blueprint is a blend of traditional Western medicine and Eastern healing practices which provides a grounded, accessible and holistic approach.

This program can work in concert with the care of your primary doctor or therapist, creating a team approach for your overall health. In this program, your entire being will be addressed: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and sexually.

Shari is a skilled group facilitator & public speaker. She is also the creator of Glow Tantra (TM) a new form of White Tantra Yoga. Shari enjoys infusing her wit and comedy background into her work, bringing a smile to your face as you progress on your way to BEING FIRM.

My Journey

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

My path as a sexual healer, teacher & coach can be traced back to 1992, when, with butterflies in my stomach, and En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind” playing loudly in the background, I set foot on stage in a Canadian strip club ready to bare all.

Little did I know, that first step would serve as my 1st initiation onto the path of fire, also known as the Tantric Path.

 Simultaneously, I was in college studying to become a Registered Nurse. I graduated, received my RN license and went on to specialize in diabetic and post open-heart care in a hospital setting.

I eventually went back to stripping as it afforded me more freedom and my body loved the expression of erotic dance.

With stripping, there is a lot of competition. You have to figure out what your strong suit is.  In my case … I’m a good listener. Men opened up to me and I essentially became a “naked therapist”.

Men talked…I listened,  offering reflection  and sprinkling in a few dances here and there.
As a stripper, I learned about arousal on a very base level and was granted access into the inner world of men’s desire.This is where my deep understanding of men and my innate ability to offer them a safe space to heal began.

 My 2nd initiation occurred after I moved to Los Angeles, where I was introduced to an underground sorority of women who trained me in the ancient tradition of the erotic arts. The erotic art of massage created a more intimate setting; allowing me to go deeper into relating with men. My compassion grew as my clients shared their stories, their hopes and their frustrations.

My clientele came from around the world and ranged in ages from their 20’s up into their 70’s. Over time I was able to observe and create distinctions around the perspectives and needs of each generation.

This observation gave me deep insight into the male psyche and informs my current work. I am able to not only intuit, but compassionately understand each of my client’s thoughts, desires and feelings; serving as a guide to advance them into the next step of their evolution.

During my time in the erotic arts, natural abilities as a hands-on-healer emerged as I mastered the activation of sexual energy; learning to use it as a natural force for healing the mind and body.

I did not feel guilt, shame or embarrassment with what I was doing, but I was aware that my choices caused pain for my family, friends and love interests. In addition to that, I had to deal with a lot of judgement on a societal level.

This caused me to explore the question;, “Why does giving pleasure cause so much pain?” My curiosity and quest for understanding this conundrum encouraged me to take a deep dive into the shadow side of sexuality … from the dark underground S & M clubs in New York City into the light of spirituality and celibacy. I left no stone unturned. 

What my journey had taught me is that sexual energy is an INTENSE and MYSTERIOUS force. To work with this force not only for myself but for the benefit of others, I had to master it.

There are times when it simply became too intense, so I left the path and did other things. I wrote several comedy scripts, acquired professional representation, and did the rounds in Hollywood. I did stand up comedy and improv. I taught hula hoop classes and studied contract law.

But I could not escape my calling. 

The 3rd initiation came in the form of a spiritual awakening also know as KUNDALINI AWAKENING.

This occurred while I was visiting and doing breath-work with a male healer. The awakening felt like a GIGANTIC heart-bursting spiritual orgasm that left me in a blissful, otherworldly state of consciousness through which I floated for days on end.

In order to understand what happened next, imagine your body and mind as a hard-drive that can be upgraded with new software. During my awakening, I received the transmissions of Tantra Teacher and Healer.  After this I became highly intuitive as a clairaudient (hearing), clairvoyant (seeing)  claircognizant (knowing) and clairsentient (feeling).  I learned to apply these gifts to my specialty of sexual healing.

Men, women and couples started showing up in my life to heal their sexual issues, and I intuitively knew how to guide them and to heal them.

I was able to combine my education in western medicine with my experience of kundalini-sexual energy and studies of the 5-Elements of Chinese Medicine.

To ground my teachings, I created a template of an Eastern, Western, and energetic approach. This approach allows me to diagnose holographically, and treat holistically.

 Over time my compassion for men deepened as I learned of their issues and frustrations around sexual performance. Seeing that they had nowhere to turn to other than a pill or porn, I decided to focus on men exclusively, and create healing in a gap that needed to be filled. I knew that I had what it took to fill that gap. 

 That is how The BE FIRM BLUEPRINT was born.

The Be Firm Blueprint is my current body of work, and is not something I learned in a classroom, or in an online course. It is the evolution of experience and sexploration; of being in the trenches myself…jumping into the fire and having gone through the purification process to emerge back into the light to bring my experience to You.



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