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Does this sound like you?
✓  I’m waking up with a hard-on less than 3 days a week or not at all.
✓ I believe that losing my erection as I age is normal.
✓ I’ve tried male enhancement pills but did not like the side effects.
✓ I’ve tried male enhancement pills and they stopped working or did not work.
✓ I don’t want to take male enhancement pills, I’d rather address the underlying problem holistically
✓ I’ve tried alternatives to treat ED and had temporary results but did not cure it.
✓ I can get hard but lose my erection during intercourse.
✓ I can not get or stay hard with my significant other but I can when I am alone or with other women.
✓ My significant other is doing research about ED and mentioning it to me.
✓ My significant other has withdrawn, feels unattractive and insecure when I can’t perform.
✓ My significant other has cheated or belittled me because I can’t perform.
✓ My relationship is in jeopardy because of ED.
✓ I’m single and I stopped dating because of ED issues.
✓ I watch a lot of porn and I’m having ED symptoms.
✓ I have ED related performance anxiety.
✓ I want to master the art of ejaculatory control and have mind blowing orgasms.
✓ I gave up on sex.
✓ I don’t feel “alive.”
✓ I don’t feel like a man anymore.
If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions keep reading.

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The ED BluePrint (TM)

A  Drug-Free Solution to end the Struggle with Erectile Dysfunction

“The penis is the overall barometer of a man’s health.” Dr Oz 



  • Discover which habits, lifestyle choices and medications are causing your ED.
  • If you have a health challenge you will understand the role it plays in ED & receive advice on how to heal it, overcome it or navigate it.
  • Learn which major health problem ED is warning sign of.
  • Explore emotional or mental barriers that are keeping you stuck and frustrated.
  • Receive a review of any recent blood work to further pin point the cause of ED.
  • Get crystal clear on the REAL causes of your ED.
  • Receive customized holistic healing & coaching plus practical actionable steps to end your ED struggle.




  • Experience dropping into your body (getting out of your head) and approach sexuality from an embodied state to achieve a powerful connected sexual performance.
  • Experience being present  to overcome performance anxiety, create a state of being that improves performance and creates a stronger sexual attraction from he opposite sex.
  • Wake up with “morning wood” as a sign of great health and take on the day with loads of energy.
  • Learn the optimal way to exercise and breathe to create a healthy heart and hard on.
  • See the cause and effect nature of how you take care of your body and the impact YOU have on your ability to get and stay hard.
  • Learn how to work WITH the wisdom of your body and not against.




  • Fine tune your purpose as a man by aligning mind, heart and sexuality to strengthen your direction and become highly desirable by the opposite sex.
  • Eliminate any negative self defeating beliefs with regards to the opposite sex and sexual performance.
  • Increase your self worth and relevance to the opposite sex and in any aspect of your life.
  • Learn how to positively polarize the opposite sex to create a sustainable sexual spark.
  • Re-pattern your brain to see, feel and experience yourself as hard.
  • End sexual performance anxiety.



  • Open a path to peak pleasure by releasing guilt, shame, & pain.
  • Heal emotional heartbreak, anger or resentment toward opposite sex.
  • Get blood flowing from your heart to penis and back again with my proprietary technique that mimics the effect of male enhancement pills with zero side effects and only positive effects!
  • Bring more blood flow to your heart and have a positive impact on the firmness of your penis by optimizing your moment to moment breathing pattern.
  • Explore approaching sexuality from relaxed arousal vs using sex as stress relief.
  • Turn your heart on to get your hard-on!



  • Gain sexual energy by functioning from an operating system that is appropriate for your age.
  • Learn the optimal amount of times to ejaculate and how to manage your sexual energy for peak virility.
  • Experience how sexual energy flows through the channels and organs of your body and open a pathway for intense mind blowing orgasms.
  • Experience the heart as the ultimate organ of arousal vs your brain.
  • Feel ALIVE and ENERGIZED again.



  • Control how you respond to stress which is the #1 cause of ED.
  • Discover the role your nervous system plays in your ability to get and stay hard.
  • Re-train and manage your nervous system to be in an optimal state to get blood flowing to your manhood.
  • Learn how the way you breathe directly affects your sexual health and performance.
  • Deepen your ability to be present and reduce emotional reactivity … especially anger.
  • Others will notice the calm, pleasant, patient new you and wonder what you did.
  • Position yourself to experience why the most powerful person in the room is the most relaxed.
  • Increase your “feel good” neurotransmitters with simple breathing techniques.
  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety and experience inner peace.



  • Learn how and why watching porn CREATES erectile dysfunction.
  • Correct “porn damage” by engaging the 5 senses into the sexual act bringing texture and depth into your sex life
  • Re-sensitize de-sensitization from porn.
  • See how watching porn negatively impacts your brain and how this affects every areas of your life.
  • Get support and daily accountability as you break the porn habit.



  • Master ejaculatory control.
  • Overcome premature ejacualtion and learn an evolved approach to Control Ejaculation.
  • Find out what your orgasmic potential is and quadruple your pleasure.
  • Gain confidence and experience my proprietary “control technique” that is easy and practical.
  • This technique & teaching serves as the foundation for achieving multiple internal orgasms.
  • Strengthen the muscles that improves the quality of your orgasm.
  • Learn how the way you breathe directly affects your sexual performance and staying power.
  • Understand the role your nervous system plays in your ability to last longer.

    To bottom line this… Viagra or Cialis should NEVER EVER be your first choice!

    The Be Firm Program Coaching is the blueprint to put the power back in your hands… to create optimal health and your ability to get an stay hard.

    This CUSTOMIZED 13 week ONE ON ONE coaching program  is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle… taking up minimal time, yet giving you maximum impact.

    Upon completion of this program you are Upgraded to the 2.0 version of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically and sexually and your struggle with ED is over.

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