When shit happens, it’s time for a shift to happen.


You don’t have to suffer in silence.

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Are you Experiencing any of these Problems? 

  • Dating/Relationship drama
  • Your relationship is sexless
  • You feel invisible when it comes to attracting females
  • Not attracting the type of women that you “really” want

Or, maybe you’ve worked with me in the past,
and just want a tune up. 

Instead of talking to your best buddies who typically tell you what you want to hear…

 You can benefit from my 30 years of experience coaching men on sexual performance, dating, and relationships.

I’ll help you go from frustrated to fantastic in no time.

Shari James

For the past 30 years, Shari James, RN, has been a healer, teacher and men’s coach, specializing in sexual performance and relationships.

Shari’s mission is to raise the consciousness of men through the doorway of their sexuality.

She has been featured on ABC News, Playboy, and the Good Men Project.

In addition to being an expert guest on top podcasts, she has been a guest speaker at one of Forbes top 3 must-attend events, Secret Knock which is the number one networking event in the world.


Tristan B
Tristan B

“Shari is a high powered mirror who shows you the parts of yourself that you can't see. One session was more insightful than 6 months of therapy. ”

Henry L

Henry L

“I would be lonely if it wasn't for Shari.”

George K

George K

"Shari is nonjudgmental, working with her is a lot of fun but also deep."

Luke L

Luke L

"I’ve never experienced such a transformation in 75 mins. It feels like a sunny day."

Mark P

Mark P

"Shari brings things to life that guy's don’t know about the gals.
We guys are floundering around thinking that we know our women
but we don’t and I have been married for 40 years.
Everything Shari has given me to work on it working… she is amazing."
Stan L


Until now, my men’s coaching has been referral only, but because we ALL need connection more than ever before I’m releasing my secret weapon to the public.



Your solution to stop suffering in silence.

Become the man that women desperately crave with my compassionate, non-judgemental and direct coaching.

Perfect for You if.....

* Avoid Therapy Like the Plague * Want Fast Results * Tired of the Drama
Crave Connection with the Opposite Sex * Feel Alone in Your Relationship
Have gone to sleep alone more times than you are willing to admit

This is for you if you want fast results without a long term commitment. 

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How the Rapid Result Coaching Works:

  • Sign up for your free consult to  get clear on the result/s you are looking for.

  • You’ll be given options of how we can work together.

  • Complete a Questionnaire to put your goals in writing.  

  • We start working on your goals.


Yes, it's that easy!


Women DO really need you!

Show up for YOURSELF and also for us.

Find out more about...

Individual Sessions or a Monthly Package 

Limited spots available!

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