I integrate Science, 5 Elemental Medicine, and Tantra to empower those seeking sexual health, vitality, and higher consciousness.


My path in working with sexuality began in 1992 as a stripper; I then moved on to Tantric massage and then mastered energetic Tantra.


I have been a registered nurse since 1993, specializing in diabetic and post-open heart care.


In 2006 I experienced a full kundalini awakening that took four years to complete. With that awakening, I received direct transmission and embodiment of Tantra.


After the awakening, my gifts as an intuitive energy healer evolved.


While living in Los Angles for 25 years, I dove into all aspects of comedy. I trained in improv, stand-up, sketch writing, and script writing. My superpower is adding levity to gravity.


In 2023 I obtained Certification in Dr. Stephen Porges's Safe and Sound Protocol for nervous system regulation.


I offer programs such as:

The Be Firm Blue Print is erection coaching for men who want to heal Erectile Dysfunction without pills, get off of medications or get pills to work. 

The Take Control Training is for men who want to master premature ejaculation and learn to have three different types of orgasms.

For the past 17 years, I have maintained a 99% success rate in both programs.


Programs in Development:

Desire by Design, 20% of couples report being in a Sexless relationship. This program is designed to put the "dead bedroom" to bed by reawakening the depth of your erotic life.

Light My Fire After working directly with men for the past 30 years, the biggest complaint I hear about is women's lack of sexual desire; I aim to change that. This program will access your pleasure and desire at any stage in life.

The MotherShip Membership is for spiritual seekers who are going through a spiritual awakening or want to awaken by using Tantra as a technology for enlightenment. (Coming Soon)


My Mission: It is to raise human consciousness through the doorway of sexuality using the power of sexual energy.


My favorite quote is:  "Laughter is when a smile has an orgasm."




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