Female Induced Erectile Dysfucntion

Female Induced Erectile Dysfunction.


Yep it’s a thing.


It’s when you can’t “rise to the occasion” with one specific woman.


It’s typically with your wife or girlfriend.


There are several causes of this. Today I will focus on a few reasons.


  1. She doesn’t want to be physical that often, and wants it to be over with quickly when it does happen. In other words “she’s just not that into it” and you can feel it.


  1. She has “mother energy.” This means that she forgot that she needs to be your lover and is in full time mothering mode. Or you are forcing her into “mother energy” because of a lack of taking responsibility on your part. Nature, in its wisdom does not allow you to get erect around your mother.


  1. Castration energy - this one is the worst.  You don’t hear a lot about this in society, but it’s real and more prevalent then you would think. This is when a man is being put down, laughed at or straight up abused by his women.


Notice that these reasons are what “felt is felt by a man.

How you feel absolutely impacts your ability to perform even if you perfectly healthy. 


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