Erection Coaching to Resolve Erectile Dysfunction Podcast

I recently did a long overdue podcast guest spot with my friend and peer, Susan Morgan Taylor host of Sex Talk Cafe. 

In this well-rounded interview. We covered:

Typical causes for each age group.

We touched on porn addiction-related ED.

The importance of having healthy morning erections and what plays into having them.

Causes of ED and what to do about them.

The ineffective pathway of going from ED meds to penile implants.

My thoughts on testosterone therapy as an erectile dysfunction treatment.

Lasting longer in the bedroom with ejaculatory choice and men's capacity to experience three different types of orgasms.
What's in it for men, and what's in it for women?

I also reveal my fears and tears around this work.

You can listen to the episode here: 
Click Here to Listen

Also, check out Susan's work with couples, especially her intimate retreats in North Carolina. Learn more about Couples Retreats


Shari James RN  is a pioneer in integrating Medical Science, 5 Elemental Medicine, and Tantra to become the world's top erection coach.

Shari has empowered thousands of men with her root-cause approach that is doctor-approved and also wife-approved.

As a former stripper turned RN, then Tantra Teacher to Erection Coach, Shari James has been helping men "keep it up" since 1992.

The emphasis of Shari's work is to help men get hard, stay hard, and last long. 

Shari has been featured on ABC News, Playboy, and the Good Men Project. 

In addition to being an expert guest on top podcasts, she has been a speaker at one of Forbes's top 3 must-attend events. 

Shari's mission is to raise the consciousness of men through the doorway of their sexuality.




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