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I started working with Shari on the recommendation of my doctor as a structured path to a healthier body.

As an older man (65 years young) affected by elevated blood pressure I wanted to find a way to go off or at least lower my medication intake, lose some weight and reverse a diminishing sex drive brought upon by the prescribed medicine.

Over twelve weeks , Shari provided me with the guidance, understanding but especially the discipline to reprogram my mind and body. 

As a skeptical patient, I had to learn new breathing technics, better meditation practices and mental and physical exercises from her thorough directions.

This program motivated me toward a healthier meeting of spirit and sex (desensitize by too much porn as a substitute for ED) and a better connection to my body.

Bottom line is that almost a year later, I am still implementing what I have learned,  I've maintained my weight loss, halved my blood pressure medication but most importantly, re-activated my libido.

To say that I would recommend Shari is an understatement.

I not only recommend her, I would suggest that you run to her.


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