Beta Blockers and Erectile Dysfunction

Beta Blockers and Erectile Dysfunction

I am often asked:  Do beta-blockers create erectile dysfunction? Based on fifteen years of observing and helping men heal beta-blocker induced ED, my answer is: YES - beta-blockers can, and do, cause ED.

Studies say that it is rare, but reality tells a different story.

Natural E.D. Remedies with Coach Shari James

By the way, I’m Shari James RN, and I help men heal erectile dysfunction with a real “root cause,” holistic approach.

I wrote this talk, because I have worked with many men over the years that are struggling with blood pressure medication induced ED. The medical community often tries to shift the blame, but you know your body best. If you think these medications are having an impact on your ability to have a firm erection, then trust your instincts.

I am going to tell you how the problem starts, what to look out for, and give you hope that you can overcome it.

 If you are not on beta-blockers, diuretics, or have high blood pressure, or if you have zero stress in your life, then obviously there is no need to watch this video.

Here is how the pattern begins:

When I ask my clients what was happening in their life when they were put on high blood pressure meds, every single one of them were perfectly healthy in a TEMPORARY high stress situation, such as divorce, child custody struggles, death of loved one, or financial challenges.

These high stressors create HYPERTENSION.

Hypertension And Erectile Dysfunction:

You now have high blood pressure. A doctor prescribes a beta-blocker.

Now let’s say that you move, or change insurance, then the new doctor will see that you are on the beta-blockers and will continue you on them. You will be on beta-blockers for the rest of your life.

At some point, beta-blocker induced erectile dysfunction will show up, and you’ll have to go on a PDE 5 inhibitor such as Viagra.

Can you Overcome High Blood Pressure Erectile Dysfunction?

I want to share a case study about a gentlemen who is 65. He was a doctor himself, and on a high dose of beta-blockers, plus a diuretic, for twenty years. At 45-years young, he went through a long divorce and child custody battle, causing hypertension, treated with beta-blockers. When I started working with him he also had irritable bowl syndrome, lactose intolerance, and high cholesterol. He was not feeling great from having erectile dysfunction, plus all of these other diagnoses. It was also preventing him from dating, so he felt lonely.

I coached him through making positive lifestyle changes, and this process helped him get off of the beta-blockers, with the support of his physician. His doctor and I actually spoke, and he agreed to the plan. Personally, I wish there were more doctors like this out there.

After working with me for four months, he is completely off of the beta-blocker and the diuretic, shows no symptoms of IBS, lowered his cholesterol, and is no longer lactose intolerant. He is waking up with a healthy morning erection for the first time in twenty years, has a girlfriend, and can have penetrative sex without pills. And the cherry on top is that he was able to eat ice cream again, which made him super happy.

Techniques to Overcome Issues with Blood Pressure Meds and ED

Here are some things to consider:

When you are having major life stressors, hypertension is normal, because your nervous system and your emotional body are taxed. Even perfectly healthy people get hypertensive during big life stressors.

1) Learn about techniques for stress management to manage these times in your life.

2) Create space in your life to allow painful emotions to surface without escaping them.

3) If you are on blood pressure meds, and you see your morning erection “flat line,” meaning it’s consistently non-existent, that is the number one sign that your blood pressure medications are a significant cause of your ED.

The Nervous System with Beta Blockers And E.D.

Beta-blockers affect your nervous system’s ability to cause an erection.

The nervous system is where the “hard-on” cascade begins.

A side note on diuretics is that they create less fluid in your veins. You need healthy blood flow in AND out to get it up, and keep it up.

Never ever go off of blood pressure medications on your own. This has to be done with the guidance of your physician, and you must incorporate healthy lifestyle changes with careful monitoring.

To summarize:  When you go for a quick fix, it can, and often will, have long term consequences.

For more free resources on healing erectile dysfunction naturally go to my website

Keep it up!


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