How to Talk about Erectile Dysfunction - In Dating & Relationships


Shana James recently interviewed me on the Man Alive podcast. This episode covers the vulnerable topic of talking about erectile issues. 


The Man Alive podcast is a series of bold, raw and gritty conversations with experts on success, power, sex, love, and legacy. Shana doesn't buy into the need for rules, games, or limitations. She works with men to find their unique power, confidence, and clarity so they stop settling in life and love. 

 In our featured episode, we delved into:


Creating the safety to share topics we're afraid to share


  • Why being honest about erectile issues is vital to the success of a relationship
  • How to be honest about our fears and most significant vulnerabilities in a way that creates a connection
  • How mature honesty leads to endless novelty in our sex lives
  • Our experience having conversations about erectile issues in dating and relationships


A week after recording this podcast I had a conversation with a friend who was dating a guy that she really liked and when it came time for them to be physical it turned out that he had erectile dysfunction and could not perform.  


He did not disclose up front that he had erectile dysfunction so she ended it. 


Listen to this podcast for advice on how to tackle the ED conversation 

Click here to listen


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