Hurricane Ian - My experience and a few tips for the times we are living in

Hurricane Ian - My experience and a few tips for the times we are living in

I am no stranger to natural disasters. Going back as far as the Blizzard of 77 in Buffalo, NY, to the 2018 Woolsey fire in CA and now Hurricane Ian in Sarasota, FL. 

Mix that in with occasional earthquakes in CA, and I can safely say that 

I have experienced the magnitude of mother nature and all of her elements;







We humans are vulnerable.


Preparing is essential; it sucks, but there is no way around it. These days it is good to be prepared for random power outages. However, this is more challenging as a renter than when you own your home.

 Here are a few practical things you can do to prepare as a renter:

1) keep single-use plastic water bottles in your freezer to keep your frozen food colder longer during an outage. Worst case scenario, you'll need them to hydrate or clean.

 2) have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or portable power station. I spent $200 on a power station that is solar compatible, and it's proven to be invaluable. 

3) have lanterns, flashlights, and candles. 

4) have packaged food and pet food on hand at all times.

*On the 1st of the month, when you pay your rent, power everything up and check your supplies.


Random life tip: I never let my gas tank get close to empty. I always fill my car up when it gets to half a tank.


We will all have different nervous system responses to emergencies.

Fight, flight, and freeze are hard-wired into us. 

Some people stay and fight for their homes.

Some people hit the road immediately.

Some people freeze and hope for the best.

We can fluctuate between all 3.

Let's not judge others for how their bodies and brains choose to respond to a crisis. Compassion is crucial.


As for my experience with hurricane Ian, it was twice as wide as the state of Florida and a Category 4 (130-156 mile an hour winds.)

 I live in a rural part of Sarasota and not in a flood zone, so I chose to stay in the home I am leasing. I called around for storm buddies to come to stay with me. My friend Elizabeth and her family needed to evacuate, so they came.   

I had no power and minimal 5G, so I could occasionally post on Facebook and text. My friends Andi and Sundari in California sought out local Sarasota news updates and texted me the play-by-play of what was happening. My guests had no phone service, so I became the intermediary. 

I spent most of the time in my closet to drown out the noise.

At 10 pm, I decided to lay on my bed while the storm intensified. The only metaphor that comes to mind is laying on railroad tracks for hours and a train going over you at 100 miles an hour. I could feel the wind coming through the walls and constant "unknown" things hitting the house.

I teach tantra-based sensory work. So I decided to experiment with becoming the hurricane's sounds rather than resisting and contracting against it. I did this through conscious surrender, breathwork, and extending my energy body outward. For 4.5 hours, I felt the "energy" of the hurricane draw down into me and then go down into the earth, come back up and rise through me and expand up and out. This movement of energy mimicked the ascension process that the planet is going through. The higher dimensions are coming down to raise the vibration of the planet.

In the morning Elizabeth and her family left to access their home.

My house was fine, pool cage screens were missing, and tree branches trashed the yard. A few trees in the back came down on the neighbor's fence. Two houses down, I could see that a large tree was uprooted and was lying on the neighbor's house. My power and cable were only out for 28 hours. Overall I have been incredibly fortunate. As local friends and family got ahold of me, I let them know that I had power and resources and to come here as needed to use what I had. Unfortunately, as I write this, many in Sarasota and the west coast of Florida are still without power. 

Since the hurricane ended, I can feel my nervous system cycling through symptoms of shock. I get cold and have to lie down, wake up every hour, and eat heavy meals at odd times. I am taking lots of baths and mostly staying in silence to allow my body to rest and reset. 

When one goes through multiple natural disasters, PTSD will be activated.

While I am not doing any rescue missions down south, I am holding space for those who need the resources I have to share. 

My recommendations for healing nervous system over stimulation are as follows:

1) Acupuncture for adrenals 

2) Craniosacral for nervous system reset

3) Massage to release the experience from your tissues.

4) Chiropractic as needed

5) Epsom salt baths to clean your electromagnetic field

6) Opt for anti-inflammatory foods 

7) Break rule number 6 with heavy comfort food

I am 9 days behind on business emails and personal responses and will begin responding to those tomorrow. Your concern, outpouring of love, and kind messages are received and greatly appreciated. 
























































































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