Money & Erectile Dysfunction


Money and Erectile Dysfunction - When times are hard, but not in the bedroom

ABC News contacted me to do an interview about how the pandemic was impacting intimacy. Erectile dysfunction was on the rise in 2020, and it was an inescapable problem since couples were cooped up together.

I touched on a few points during the ABC interview  Watch the ABC News Clip here , but I could not go as deep as I would have liked. I decided to write this piece, because whether there is a pandemic or not: “income and ED are linked.”

I think it’s important for women to understand this information, and for men to know that this is a common occurrence.

This does not mean that if you are wealthy, you won’t get ED. It means that when a man’s income takes a hit, or there is financial insecurity, his erection will often follow suit.

Case in point…

A girlfriend contacted me in a panic: “His dick isn’t working!”

She was in a new, highly sexual relationship, and normally her boyfriend could get it up under any circumstance. 

But now he was limp and avoiding sex, which she took personally.

I had to talk her off the ledge after hearing about all the reasons it must be her. She gained a few pounds, she stopped wearing make-up… she farted in front of him.

I asked, “Did he get laid off?” She said, "Yes, but what would that have to do with it?”

“Everything,” I said.

“But why? I have enough money for the both of us. He doesn’t even need to work,” she said.

It is so different for men. Their ability to provide is directly tied to their manhood. The type of man that I am talking about is a “provider type” man. Not all men have received that instinctual memo, but I knew that hers was the provider type.

I let her know that this was only temporary. As soon as he got some money coming in, he would show up with a hard on,  throw her down on the bed, and make up for lost time.

Any guess what? I was on the phone with her when it happened. Um, well let me clarify that… She and I were talking, and he walked in with an unemployment debit card and a bulge in his pants. Yep, the moment was that literal. Women like to think guys are complicated, but really they are not.

In a perfect world, she and I would have quickly gotten off the phone, and they would have ran to the bedroom and celebrated; however, this is male/female dynamics and it’s never that easy.

Since it had been several weeks of no physical interaction, she was having some resentment towards him. She said, “Am I magically supposed to get aroused now? I don’t turn on and off like a faucet.”

She’s not wrong for feeling this way.

Eventually he got her relaxed and happy they were back in the sack, and he made his come back.

Ladies, your income may not affect your ability to be sexual, but for most men it does. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it does show that he takes his ability to provide seriously, whether you deem this valid or not. So, have compassion, and give him some space to remedy his finances without making his impotence about you.

Guys, there is good news… if your income suddenly goes low and takes your erection with it, then when your income goes up, your erection should, too.












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