Natural Ways to Treat ED

Natural Ways to Treat ED


You can treat ED the natural way with remedies that help to heal the condition without drugs. Natural methods for managing ED include making behavioral, lifestyle, and dietary changes, as well as alternative health approaches.

Natural methods to treat ED might take a little time before you see results, but it's worth it because these remedies have no side effects and, apart from treating your erectile dysfunction, they will also improve your overall health.

10 ways to improve erections naturally

Manage Stress

Stress is the biggest culprit for erectile dysfunction. While it's impossible to avoid stress, we can maintain balance to avoid its adverse effects. Stress triggers a hormone called cortisol which prevents the proper flow of blood to the penis.

Cortisol restricts blood vessels, making it impossible to achieve a proper erection. Over time, chronic stress reduces the amount of testosterone in the body and it becomes difficult to achieve an erection. Managing stress can reduce cortisol in the body and also help to balance testosterone.

Stop Tobacco Smoking

Research has shown that men who smoke are likely to develop ED at some point in their lives. Smoking restricts blood vessels in different parts of the body, including the penis, making it difficult to achieve frequent and strong erections over time. Fortunately, when you stop smoking you are likely to reverse ED rather quickly.

Tobacco is harmful to the blood and prolonged smoking is likely to cause irreversible damage. In the long term, smoking might cause low libido and even in the worst-case scenario, it will lead to infertility. Quitting smoking as early as possible can reduce the chances of impotence.

Manage Anxiety Surrounding Sex

Anxiety surrounding sex is common for men and can be harmful to the sexual experience. Unrealistic expectations and fear of underperforming can cause anxiety which can cause erectile dysfunction. 

The best way to manage anxiety surrounding sex is to talk about it with your partner. Make sure to communicate about your needs and expectations and those of your partner. 

Anxiety management can free you to focus on pleasing yourself and your partner. Being calm and relaxed during sex can help you to manage your erections.

Stay Active

Staying active can be beneficial for people with ED. In general, it's important to live an active life by going to the gym or working out every day. An active lifestyle encourages blood flow in your entire body and to the penis, which can help promote long-lasting erections. 

Working out at least three times a day can also be beneficial for improving your hormones. It improves your testosterone and this can be responsible for long-lasting erections.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

A weak pelvic floor can underlie erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are ways to strengthen your pelvic floor by doing targeted exercises. Kegel exercises for men can help you control your pelvic floor and promote stronger erections.

It might take time to master kegel exercises but it's worth it. Doing kegel exercises every day for at least 10 minutes can help in the long run. They will teach you how to stay focused during sex and control your ejaculation with your muscles as well as your brain.

Create Intimacy

Intimacy can play a huge role in the holistic sexual experience. Sometimes lack of intimacy is the reason behind erectile dysfunction. Chemistry and intimacy between you and your partner are necessary for you to experience proper erections. 

If you feel that your relationship is lacking intimacy it's time to rekindle the fire. You can do this by talking to your therapist about how to improve your relationship. It's also possible to create intimacy through conscious communication and spending quality time together. A sex or relationship therapist can help you learn tools to support intimacy between you and your partner. 

Try Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is gaining popularity in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. One of forms of alternative medicine is acupuncture, which has been effectively used to control premature ejaculation. This method involves the use of needles in different parts of the body to awaken sexual energy.

It is believed that for the proper flow of sexual energy, certain pressure points in the body need to be unblocked. An acupuncturist will target different parts of the body that can help you with stronger and more frequent erections and.improve your overall sex life.

Check Your Diet

A nutrient-dense diet can help with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Focus on eating whole foods as opposed to processed foods. Whole foods nourish the body with nutrients needed for strong erections.

Eating a balanced diet can also be good for improving testosterone levels. Sometimes low testosterone can be responsible for erectile dysfunction, due to low libido and hormonal imbalance. Fortunately, simple additions of nutritious food to your diet, such as nuts, green leafy vegetables, and carrots can be beneficial.

Get Enough Sleep for ED

Getting enough sleep every night is beneficial to good sex life. It is advisable to make sure you get enough quality sleep every night. Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health because it is likely to cause exhaustion and mental health imbalances.

Not sleeping enough can also cause irritability and low libido. If you want to avoid erectile dysfunction it is advisable to get enough sleep so you wake up refreshed and can think clearly. Sleep hygiene also supports balanced hormones, which can help increase your libido and support erections.

See a Coach Who Specializes in Erection Health

The support of a coach who specializes in men's sexual health and erections can dramatically improve your sex life and management of ED. It’s important to talk to someone who can help you understand what might be affecting your ability to enjoy sex and even last long in bed. Speciality erection coaching is arguably the most effective way to address men's sexual health–without taking any medication or pills of any kind.

Shari James, RN, is a health professional and coach that helps men with Erectile Dysfunction. Take her 50-question assessment to see if you have Mild, Moderate, or Complex ED–all of which Shari has helped to successfully reverse!

Shari’s holistic approach has helped hundreds of men get to the root cause and successfully heal their ED without medication or pills.

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