Speaking at Secret Knock

I was invited and excited to speak at Secret Knock’s March 2019 Conference in San Diego, CA.

You may be wondering, “What the heck is Secret Knock?” Secret Knock is the #1 business event that you can’t attend (unless you are invited.) 

Forbes Magazine ranks it as the #2 Conference in the world.

Speakers at SK are pioneers of change. What sets this event apart is that attendees learn directly from successful entrepreneurs (as opposed to teachers, authors or professional speakers).

Greg Reid, who I would call, “a force of nature,” is the host of this eclectic networking event. He is also a best selling author, public speaker, and film producer.

With a line up of speakers such as Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, astronaut Jerry Linenger, & genius Walter O’ Brien, I wondered, “Who am I to be speaking at this event?”

Then I realized that these speakers created something from nothing, or are pioneers in their field, and have extremely impressive accomplishments. Therefore, Yes! I do belong here and I do have value to contribute with my fresh perspective on an age-old problem.

I’ve been quiet about my work and was referral only for the 1st ten years. I just recently became visible in my field a year or so ago.  Being on stage at Secret Knock felt like my coming out party.

 The last time I had been on stage was 10 years ago doing stand up comedy.

I was the final speaker, and to my surprise, I felt really comfortable on stage. Being introduced as “The Penis Whisperer,” set a fun tone to step into.

The audience was warm and open. I even received a question from the former head at Pfizer and creator of fast-acting Viagra, Dr. Makander Jawadekar.  He asked if I’ve done research with bio-markers and inhibitors to see if what I’ve created mimicked erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra. 

The short answer is no, I’ve not done scientific research in the way the question was asked.

I did understand what he was asking but it was tricky because he is speaking from the point of view of a doctor/scientist at a pharmaceutical company. I created my holistic approach by filling the gaps that science and western medicine could not. This was done by starting with men who could not get or maintain an erection with drugs such as Viagra.

I started on the path of figuring out how to heal erectile dysfunction without pills, through experimentation and volunteers. Initially, I used my intuition and instincts and kept working with guys until their ED was healed. Over time I took on more challenging cases of men who had medical issues, were on medications that caused ED, or cases in which erectile medications did not work.

Eventually, a template started to emerge that produced a predictable result.

A doctor friend of mine suggested that I would need to back up my proven system with science as he was concerned that no one would take me seriously.

At that point, I did more science-based research but only to back up what I had already created.  Here’s the thing…science isn’t everything! I’ve backed my program with as much science as I could. Yet parts of my program have to do with energetics, and energetics are invisible, but also tangible because they can be felt and experienced. The energetic aspects of my program are backed by the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine and Tantra.

People assume that I am against erectile dysfunction medications and I am not. Knowing what I know, I simply see them as a last resort and not the first choice.

I am not against western medicine or science. I am for blending Western and Eastern medicine. I will even say that the deeper I get into the path of helping men heal their own ED the more I’ve come to rely on my western medical training as a Registered Nurse.

Whew! That’s the long answer of a much longer conversation.

I was asked some other really great questions which told me there is a hunger and curiosity for knowledge other than what mainstream media is putting out there. Being visible on stage at Secret Knock and speaking as an authority in the field of sexual wellness for men helped me step into my own power and confidence.

Greg said that he wanted to end the show with a “bang” and I believe we did just that.


Stay Happy, Healthy & Hard!

Shari James RN, The Penis Whisperer

To find out more about Secret Knock go to www.secretknock.co

To find out about my work go to  www.shari-james.com

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