He Tried Everything!

When B and I first spoke on a consult, he told me that he had already tried PRP, Stem Cell therapy, P-shots, multiple Gainswave treatments, and every PDE5 inhibitor, and still he still had Erectile Dysfunction... It was a jaw dropping moment. 
It was clear that this man was committed to fixing the issue. He would drive 2-3 hours just to get his stem cell treatments. He invested thousands of dollars in Western medicine treatments, and collectively they all failed.
And he, himself, was a doctor.
By the time we had our initial consultation, I could tell by the questions he asked that he had researched me thoroughly. He wanted to make sure I was legit, and not some “hocus pocus.” After seeing all of my video interviews with previous clients, he was intrigued, yet skeptical, and in his words, “desperate.”
From my perspective, I tread very carefully when someone is desperate. I don’t want anyone to hand their power over to me. I have to be realistic and manage expectations. The power is within the man to heal ED for himself; I don’t have the power to heal this for him. There is power in the “process," and as a past client put it: “the process is the cure.” A man's ability to get results first and foremost comes down to his ability to commit, which essentially requires a leap of faith, so hope has to outweigh skepticism. He then has to implement the lessons in my program, thus empowering himself… He is the healer; I am the guide.
B is age 72, and uses medication for both diabetes and hypertension, plus a stent. He is also on medication for psoriatic arthritis and atrial fibrillation. To be exact, he is on nine medications, and some of them contribute to ED. He’s been happily married for 49 years, and he is physically attracted to his wife. They both craved an active sex life. When I am taking on a case that involves a significant other, I am acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with caring for the shared hopes of two people.
Because I’ve been doing this work a long time, after reviewing a potential client in just the assessment stage, I can discern if a case falls into one of these categories:  mild, moderate, challenging, or it will be a miracle. There are different levels of severity of ED, so I have different levels of care. B fell into the "miracle category," and became a private three-month client. My words to him were, “let’s get you good enough so that you can go back and get one of those Western treatments to work." In this case, I had to be realistic and manage expectations. Imagine my surprise that after three months it was my own program that worked!
After seven years of seeing his morning erection decline, when he started my program it was barely there. By week six he reported, “my morning erection is coming up!” By the end of the program, his morning erections were so potent and firm that he reported, "during the night my erection would not go away. I keep checking and it's not going away.”
During our final session, his wife had a message for me: “It’s a success!” He had a sparkle in his eye, a spring in his step, and a lightness in his being… I rarely use this word, but what I saw was “glee.” This was a far cry from the man who was shy and anxious in the beginning.
B summed the experience up nicely when he said, "This was the only area of my life that I did not feel confident. I used to go to Home Depot and buy a fix-it manual when I wanted to fix something, but I couldn’t do that with this."
You won’t hear about me on the radio, see any ads in magazines, or a paid ad for my work in your news feed. Very few people know that my work exists, and many seem to stumble upon me looking for a last resort, which, admittedly, can be a frustrating position for me. But in this case, I am very happy that being B’s last resort turned into his final destination.

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