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Knowledge Is Power

Musings for men to master dating, mating, relating, holistic health and a wealth of other topics.






Dating Do's and Don'ts (That you haven't heard)

Truth Bombs everywhere! Just did a guest spot on The Dating Podcast with Knight.
Did you know that I also do Dating Coaching as part of my One to One's  and also my Men's group. This conversation is raw, real and informative. I guarantee that you will learn something new. Listen, learn and let me know what you got out of it. I hope you love it!I 
  • Find out the best age range for you.
  • Find out why females say “you've wasted my time.”
  • Sugar daddy dating vs regular dating.
  • What is the most powerful quality a man can have.
  • What not to wear on your dating profile.

Watch the Video Podcast Here


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Dark Side of the Move from CA to FL

The Exodus:

After living in California for the past 25 years, I am now a  statistic of yet another person who has moved out of the state during the pandemic.

Feeling like I was under house arrest, from March to December of 2020, made me reflect and reevaluate my values. I came to the conclusion that although I love California, it was time to return to the tribe. Most of my family and childhood friendships were in, or at least a short plane ride way, from Florida.

It was time to start a new chapter where I put relationships, a sense of belonging, and planting roots, as the priorities of my life.

I also hit the real estate ceiling in California. I had been paying thousands of dollars a month in rent for 25 years, and I could not afford to buy anything. At least in Sarasota I could have a shot at home ownership.

The final push to move me forward started in September when I noticed that the heat was not working at my house. I informed the owner, and then a two month battle ensued...

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How to Date... to Create Desire, In and Out of the Bedroom

Psst.. this also helps with performance anxiety!
This isn’t going to be a typical blog about techniques that you can do to "get her and bed her." 
This talk is simply about communication.
Communication + connection = foreplay.
And foreplay = S$X
I’m going to break down the benefits of the various ways we communicate.
When done in balance, a woman will have a “communication orgasm,” and you didn’t even get her into the bedroom yet! 
When these steps are done consistently, you will give her a “multi communication orgasm,” and you will have a female on your hands who will want to become your lover, girlfriend, or life partner. 
There are many ways in which we communicate, such as texting, voice memo, a phone call, and the most rare form… actually seeing each other in-person. 
I will show you how to take the communication deeper by...
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He Tried Everything!

When B and I first spoke on a consult, he told me that he had already tried PRP, Stem Cell therapy, P-shots, multiple Gainswave treatments, and every PDE5 inhibitor, and still he still had Erectile Dysfunction... It was a jaw dropping moment. 
It was clear that this man was committed to fixing the issue. He would drive 2-3 hours just to get his stem cell treatments. He invested thousands of dollars in Western medicine treatments, and collectively they all failed.
And he, himself, was a doctor.
By the time we had our initial consultation, I could tell by the questions he asked that he had researched me thoroughly. He wanted to make sure I was legit, and not some “hocus pocus.” After seeing all of my video interviews with previous clients, he was intrigued, yet skeptical, and in his words, “desperate.”
From my perspective, I tread very carefully when someone is desperate. I don’t want anyone to hand their power over to...
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Why NOW is the time to heal your ED

Naturally heal your Erectile Dysfunction | Nows the time

If you have Erectile Dysfunction…

This is the time to empower yourself and heal this issue from the inside out.

Why now?

In my observation it’s stress that is #1 cause of ED which means for some of you, your PDE5 inhibitor pills will not be working reliably if at all.

Perhaps you have never told your wife or girlfriend that you take pills for this issue or have avoided having sex because of it. Now that you are trapped inside this issue is likely to be the elephant in the room. 

If you were getting Gainswave treatments, those have likely stopped as they are non essential.

You could be sitting in the privacy of your own home and learning my HOLISTIC APPROACH to healing ED.

Guys that stared a month ago are ALREADY GETTING RESULTS !!!

Who are these guys?

  Retired men in their 60’s who weren’t exactly in the best of health.

Married Business owners that have a lot of stress and responsibly.


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Guest Spot on The Dr Vibe Show

Being on the Dr Vibe show was fun and stimulating. He does a great job of asking unexpected questions, as does his surprise panel of guests.

Watch Here on You Tube

Here are the show notes:

Recently, Shari was on our show talking about "Erectile Dysfunction And Alternative Treatment Methods Of Treating Erectile Dysfunction".

During our conversation, Shari talked about:

– Some of her background including being a stripper in Niagara Falls, New York for ten years

– How she began being a sexual healer and memories from the early days – Some of the untruths regarding erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

– Tantra healing – Handling men who want to get into a relationship with her

– Her youngest and oldest client

– The changes she has seen in men’s behaviour since the #MeToo movement

– About how porn steals a man’s and boy’s innocence

– The relationship between masturbation and premature ejaculation


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Side Effects of Viagra (that you don't know)

If you are taking or considering taking PDE5 Inhibitors and/or the generic versions this is a must read.


Generic Viagra is called Sildenafil.


If you are taking Viagra/Sildenafil or considering taking it you are probably aware of the common side effects.


Common side effects include:


  •    flushing
  •    upset stomach
  •    abnormal vision, such as changes in color vision  and blurred vision
  •   stuffy or runny nose
  •    back pain.
  •   muscle pain 
  •   nausea
  •   headache


Chronic Viagra usage is 1 or more years.


Here are the chronic side effects:


1. 10 times the risk  of developing Glaucoma when taking Viagra long term ( more than 1 year.)


2.  Viagra could decrease natural killer cell activity.

Natural killer cell activity are our first line of defense  against cancer.

Which is naturally a concern if you are...

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My Thoughts on Gainswave and why I don’t Recommend it for Most Men

Gainswave™ states that it’s a solution that treats the underlying cause. 


It works by utilizing high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis, remove micro-plaque, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.


It usually involves 6-12 treatments and results last two years.


What men find surprising is when they are also put on a PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra/Cialis/Levitra) in combination with this therapy.


I’ve said that, “Any treatment that only focuses on your genitals will give you temporary results.”

Frequency and sound wave treatments prove my point.


That’s because there are underlying CAUSES not just one cause.


Gainswave™ and its claim are not going deep enough. 


From my perspective, Gainswave™ treats a SYMPTOM 

of a man who’s body is out of balance due to his lifestyle and habits.


If you don’t treat the underlying causes...

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Female Induced Erectile Dysfucntion

Female Induced Erectile Dysfunction.


Yep it’s a thing.


It’s when you can’t “rise to the occasion” with one specific woman.


It’s typically with your wife or girlfriend.


There are several causes of this. Today I will focus on a few reasons.


  1. She doesn’t want to be physical that often, and wants it to be over with quickly when it does happen. In other words “she’s just not that into it” and you can feel it.


  1. She has “mother energy.” This means that she forgot that she needs to be your lover and is in full time mothering mode. Or you are forcing her into “mother energy” because of a lack of taking responsibility on your part. Nature, in its wisdom does not allow you to get erect around your mother.


  1. Castration energy - this one is the worst.  You don’t hear a lot about this in society, but it’s real and more prevalent then you would...
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Forcing an Erection IS a Bad Thing and Here’s Why

I know that you’ve been there.


Maybe you partied too hard.

Maybe just weren't that into her.

Maybe you have ED.


You are trying like hell to “get it up.”


Perhaps you are stroking it so hard your arm is burning and beads of sweat are rolling down your face.




You are making her do it orally.




You are using any and every porn image.




It’s not working.


You know why?




For a multitude of reasons it’s a big fat NO.


“If you have to force it, you are going against the wisdom of your body.” 


If you got to war with your body it will win.

So next time just let it be.


Better yet learn to work with and listen to your body.






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